Rick Lacey has been in this industry since 1990 and has been involved in most every aspect of inkjet cartridge remanufacturing. It started with an inkjet class taught by a former Hewlett Packard engineer. Armed with the knowledge of the inner workings of the inkjet cartridge he started taking apart every type of inkjet cartridge he could find. In doing so he learned what caused them to die and how they could be refilled and reused more often.

During the next few years Rick designed a production facility that grew to 35 technicians who, under his supervision, remanufactured 40,000+ inkjet cartridges a month. His facility supplied some of the largest cartridge suppliers in the world i.e. NCR and Burroughs who in turn supplied national chain superstores. This kind of growth allowed him to develop new tools, better processes, and to help engineer and build machinery that automated and streamlined the remanufacturing of cartridges.

Rick worked with the most reputable ink manufacturers in the world to develop ink that matched or exceeded what was originally in the cartridges. He also sought to improve the methods used to test and package cartridges. Rick began teaching classes and seminars at industry trade shows worldwide. The company he worked with was purchased by a larger company, which allowed them to continue to grow and lead the industry.

National chain superstores, franchises, and “mom & pop” stores were buying their machines from the company Rick worked for and Rick was going around the world to train remanufacturers. Rick compiled his many years of notes into a training manual covering all aspects of the remanufacturing business. Those notes became the textbook of a 4-day professional training course in which he taught students everything they needed to know to open and run their own businesses. People came from the world over to attend his training course. Rick’s students took this training back to remanufacturing facilities in more than 70 countries. Rick has been published and quoted many times in most industry trade publications and is known in the industry as an expert.

When the company was purchased by another, larger company headquartered in the Midwest, Rick decided to stay in Austin, and turn his passion for the remanufacturing industry into his own business. In 2006 he opened Ricks Refills. After all, no one can take care of your cartridge needs better than Rick.

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